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Carpet Flooring

Myths and Truths about Carpet Flooring

Flooring will come with you for years and comes at a significant price, so a buyer must be mindful of all the factors. Sometimes false rumors affect the buyers’ decision and make them reluctant to buy the flooring. So, it is crucial to cross-check whether a claim is wrong or right.

Before buying flooring, consider which pattern will look best in the living room, the warranty flooring gives the softness of the pile and many more. Considering these factors is not wrong, but make sure false claims and rumors do not negatively influence you. In this article, we have debunked some top myths about carpet flooring.

  1. Carpets are difficult to clean

It is a no-brainer that cleaning is one of the most monotonous activities. For cleaning anything like sheets, couches, pools, dishes, and others, one needs to put in effort, time, and money. A carpet is no exception to this. The owner needs to put time and sweat into keeping the carpet pristine.

However, modern-day carpets are much easier to clean compared to old carpets. Modern-day carpets can be maintained by vacuuming weakly and deep cleaning them annually. If you go with any other flooring rather than carpet flooring, you might need to mop and sweep them regularly, increasing your household expenditure. As we mentioned earlier, every flooring needs cleaning. But the carpet is the answer if you want beautiful flooring with a low maintenance requirement.

  1. Traces of formaldehyde

One of the most ancient truths about carpets is that they entail formaldehyde. After 1987, the manufacturers ceased the use of formaldehyde in carpets. Formaldehyde irritates the human skin, but today you will not find traces of it on any carpet.

  1. A person with allergies or asthma should not get carpets

Most individuals think carpets are the worst option for people with allergies or asthma. But research has a different stand on this claim.

  • If carpets are cleaned regularly, it is not threatening for patients affected by asthma or allergies.
  • Carpets can trap allergy-causing germs or particles and prevent them from mixing with the air. So the allergy-causing particles do not get inhaled by humans.

So, do not get influenced by this claim about carpets. You can even consult a doctor for carpet flooring if you have allergies or asthma.

  1. Installing carpets is an arduous task

Like cleaning any flooring is hard, installing any type is strenuous if you do not research it. Many DIY (Do it yourself) guides are available online. But it is recommended to hire a professional to avoid any last-minute problems.

  1. Carpet flooring is non-ecological

Nowadays, the entire carpet industry is responsible for creating environmentally conscientious and sustainable products. So the myth that carpet flooring is non-ecological is a complete myth.

As we have debunked every myth about the carpet, you must be able to make more prudent decisions about the type of flooring for your home. It is always better to do your research before buying any flooring.