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Marble Flooring

Marble vs. Vitrified: Best Flooring Option for Your Residence

Anyone who visits your home will be in awe of your stunning floor! There are so many alternatives, from granite to marble that you can choose from. However, it can be difficult to decide between flooring options like marble or vitrified tiles because installing them takes time. Therefore, taking your time and considering all your options before selecting your flooring is crucial. Before selecting floors for your home, there are several factors you should be aware of. Choosing between vitrified tiles and traditional marble is a problem for many Indian homeowners. Continue reading to learn between vitrified tiles and marble and which one can be the best option for your house.

Design and installation

The labor-intensive process of installing marble requires more time. Marble is rarely offered in ready-to-ship condition. You must first place an order before the grinding and cutting of marble to your specifications. The time needed for finishing and polishing the marble flooring adds to the overall installation time in addition to the time needed to lay the marble flooring.

Vitrified tiles can be purchased in stores ready to be sent, and it typically takes 1.5 working days to install flooring in a room of average size. Additionally, these tiles take less time to install and can be used immediately. There is no need for finishing on-site because they have already been polished. You can set vitrified tiles in several combinations and patterns to suit your demands because they can be manually cut.


Vitrified tiles are shown to be more durable and can withstand rain, heavy daily use, or shine. As a result of their calibrated coloration and scratch resistance, tiles have a floor life of 15–20 years. But they can be vulnerable to harm if not treated properly. Marble is relatively robust. It’s easily capable of lasting more than 20 years. The main drawback is that, with time, marble flooring may turn dark or brownish; however, this can be remedied with care.

Ease Of Maintenance

Whether you like it or not, marble can become a little boring and detract from the beauty of your room if it is not well maintained. Therefore, you would need to polish it to keep its brilliance periodically. Because it reacts to acid so quickly, you must use it carefully. Marble flooring will respond favorably to consistent maintenance.

Vitrified tiles only require routine wiping and dusting. They can resist stains because they require little to no water. They are simple to repair if they are damaged.


Vitrified tiles are created by humans and can be purchased at various price points. This type of flooring can be installed at a reasonable cost and comes in a variety of tile styles and pricing points. Tiles are inexpensive and quick to install because they can be purchased already built. Because marbles are naturally occurring stones and are occasionally imported from different nations, so they are more expensive than tiles.


You can utilize marble or tiles for your home’s flooring. You must pick the best material for your needs and budget, then take good care of it. Your home’s flooring might appear stunning and impressive with either marble or tiles. Get in touch with Yes Floor for the finest deals on all the stones if you’re searching for the top marble supplier.