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In home improvement, few products have as much of an impact as laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is cost-effective, resilient, and fairly simple to install

Great Reasons to Choose Laminate

  • Laminate Flooring is Durable

  • Installation is “Do-able”

  • Laminate Flooring Looks Great

  • Laminate Flooring is Versatile

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If you’re looking to use linoleum flooring in your home improvement and interior design projects, you’re not alone. As the most popular type of flooring for areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, vinyl or linoleum floors offer many benefits at an affordable cost.

YES Floors offers a huge selection of linoleum flooring. With numerous patterns and styles, we’re here to help you find the perfect choice for your home.

Porcelain Tile

Adding porcelain tile to your home gives it a “timeless” quality. With beautiful style options available, your home will have an elegant feel and quality to it that is hard to pass up on. A home that has a high traffic area is an excellent place to install porcelain tile as it is very resistent to wear and absorbs that traffic better than standard ceramic tile.

At YES Floors you can view several options for porcelain tile. We encourage you to visit our showroom and utilize our amazing staff of flooring specialists to get your questions answered and receive quality advice.

The Benefits of Porcelain Tile

  • Highly durable / absorbs high traffic

  • Low maintenance / simple to clean

  • Beautiful patterns and styles

  • More moisture resistant


Protect-All flooring is a slip-resistant vinyl flooring manufactured from over 90% pre-consumer recycled content that provides slip, stain, and fire protection for areas exposed to water, heavy traffic patterns, or extreme weight loads. Millions of pounds of vinyl waste are recycled into Protect-All every year and kept out of our nation’s landfills.

High-traction certified by the National Floor Safety Institute, Protect-All helps reduce slips and falls, and is also resistant to mildew and other bacterial growth. It does not absorb water and is non-corrosive, even when exposed to chemicals, animal fats, or grease. Protect-All is available in eight colors, varying sheet sizes and thicknesses, with matte or gloss surface finishes as well as interlocking and square tiles.

Applications include:

  • Building Entrances

  • Commercial Kitchens / Cafeterias

  • Gymnasiums / Weight Rooms

  • Veterinarian Offices / Livestock Trailers

  • Locker Rooms / Waterparks

Vinyl Sheet

Vinyl sheet flooring is fairly durable and works well in areas that have heavy traffic. The flooring works great for homeowners with kids or pets as it is typically less expensive and it is comfortable underfoot as well as reduces noise.

If vinyl sheet flooring is an option you are interested in exploring, then come visit our showroom in Anchorage. Our flooring experts will discuss your vinyl sheet flooring options and show you numerous styles to choose from.

Benefits of Vinyl Sheet Flooring

  • Durable and stands up well to heavy foot traffic

  • Reduces noise

  • Less expensive than most other flooring options

  • A broad range of colors/patterns

Waterproof Vinyl Plank

Vinyl plank flooring is a very popular choice for flooring in homes, offices, restaurants, and numerous other settings. One of the biggest benefits of vinyl plank flooring is that it has a 100% waterproof surface

If you visit the showroom we can visit with you about your vinyl plank flooring options and help you to make an excellent choice. Our team of flooring experts will offer suggestions, pros, and cons for your particular flooring needs.

Benefits of Vinyl Plank Flooring

  • 100% Moisture Resistant

  • Rigid Core Construction

  • Anti-static

  • Install over cement, granite, tile, laminate, and other flat subfloors

  • Variety of styles and options

  • Low maintenance

  • Options for any budget


When planning to enhance the look of your home, very few choices play as big a role in adding a touch of elegance to your home as well as some “warmth” as hardwood flooring. 

YES Floors has numerous hardwood choices to view inside our floor room and we encourage you to visit us to check them out. Our team of flooring professionals will help you choose the hardwood flooring that is best for your situation as well. 

Some Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

  • Enhance the Look of Your Home

  • Low Maintenance & Easy to Clean

  • Strong & Durable

  • Adds Value to Your Home

  • Better Air Quality

  • Looks Good in All Décor Theme

  • Long-Lasting & Cost-Effective

  • Color Doesn’t Fade